Newsletter 3rd January 2021

Newsletter 3rd January 2021

Drom                              WE REMEMBER                      Inch

2nd January 2021. Breda & Catherine Bourke2nd January 2021. Jimmy, Kitty, John & Patsy Kennedy
3rd John Robert Cahill5th January 7:30 pm. Julia McHugh, Hollyford whose anniversary is at this time and for her husband Johnny and her children Eddie, Margaret and Paddy
9th Jim & Lizzie Younge9th Members of the Stakelum and Ryan families

Feast of the Epiphany:         It will be celebrated next Wednesday, 6th January. It is a Holy Day of obligation and I encourage you in your faithfulness to this feast and to other feast days throughout the year. Mass will be celebrated in Inch at 7:30 pm Tuesday and in Drom at 10:30 am Wednesday

A Happy New Year.

I take this opportunity on behalf of Fr Tom Egan and Myself to wish you a Happy New Year in 2021. Let us pray at this time for success in overcoming the virus and let us ask God’s blessing on Doctors, Nurses, Healthcare personnel and Ambulance staff who work on the front line. Let us remember also those who serve us in shops and other services. We thank God for them

Fr Murphy